A golden age of content creation

Browsing YouTube tonight, I was struck by the amazing quality of covers.  And this was just for one song.  At the advent of the self-publishing era, it was easy to be cynical about the quality of "amateur" content.  Geocities, MySpace, anyone?  It's clear not everyone has great design or artistic sense.  

Proponents of the "crowd" as content creators have pointed that tools have allowed massive amounts of information to be published quickly (leaving the headache of making sense of it all to algorithms or crowdsourcing - or, in some cases, just resulting in confusion).  That's not the only benefit of crowd content creation, however.  Tools have also allowed for talented "amateurs" to quickly and cheaply craft stunningly beautiful content, sometimes just on their Macbooks.  

The growing tide of mass market content creation has simply amplified the abilities and efforts of those already with talent and dedication, and it's a treat to watch.